Yoga in the Park- Oceanfront

I needed to reconnect with nature, to reconnect with myself and maybe get a kink or two out. I was looking for a place that could relieve stress, bring peace, quietness, something that could sooth my soul and something that could mend my bones. I did some searching around on the internet and I found Yoga for My Homies on  The group seemed like it was non-intimidating,  it was paid for by donations, beginners and experienced could participate. Most of all, the setting where the yoga class was held definitely lured me in. After learning Le’ahi Park  was only a 25 minute walk from Waikiki I decided I was in.  I trekked my way to the park and arrived a few minutes early. I found a shaded spot, (wear sunblock, sometimes the shaded spots are not available) laid my yoga mat out that I brought (you can also use a beach towel) and put my water to the side. Then I  just sat there for a few minutes and took in all the serenity around me.  I heard the waves lapping at the wall, I saw crystal clear blue water, a cruise ship off in the distance, tall, lanky palm trees blowing in the wind,  I felt the cool gentle breeze on my face, I ran my fingers through the lush green grass below me and felt connected to nature again. I turned and looked behind me and saw this iconic volcanic land mark which was Diamond Head as my back drop. I don’t think I could have asked for a better place to take me back to happiness, health and relaxation; it was breathtaking. I posted my yoga class that I took at the park on Facebook and somebody replied “I thought that was only something you see in the movies.”

Courtney, the yoga instructor, arrived shortly after I got there. She was a young, vivacious, happy person who had a passion for teaching yoga. She had a way of making you feel at ease and welcomed. Before class started she went around and said hello to the regulars and introduced herself to the new yogi’s. She was able to get the feel of everyone’s experience who joined her class that day and based the level of class off of that. While teaching she went around to each individual who wanted assistance with their yoga stance and helped. She was a great motivator, she knew what to say and how to work those kinks out and mend those bones and most of all make you feel comfortable.  After an hour of her yoga class I felt like Gumby; just totally relaxed.

After the class is over you can leave a donation in the pouch, the average is $5-$10 a person, however you can leave what you feel you got out of it, it’s not mandatory. Some people hung out and talked amongst each other afterwards. Others walked back to their car parked at the Diamond Head lookout on Diamond Head Rd (I don’t think they’re metered).  There is no parking at Le’ahi Park. I escaped down the little ledge walkway to the other park and took a dip in the ocean. It was a day of zen!                                                                                           photo 10914822_10205320234595043_1531680214190824584_o

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Helicopter Thrill Ride North Shore, Oahu, HI

If you’re seeking a thrill ride then I would suggest a helicopter tour of the famed North Shore of Oahu.  Go venture into the valleys and waterfalls on the North Shore and cruise high above the famous surf breaks. At an exclusive landing zone get perched high up on the mountain top and take in the spectacular views or celebrate a special occasion while up there. Get a birds eye view of the 1000 ft Sacred Falls waterfall. Soar above the jagged ridges of the Koolau mountains. Take in the scenery of the valleys that are not accessible by car.  Feel like you are totally free by flying in the helicopter with the doors off. Sit in the front seats so the only thing between you and the beauty is clear glass.

We did this a few months ago with Paradise Helicopters, it was quite an adrenaline rush. They offer this tour daily and it lasts 4o minutes. This tour is for the young and old. If you are the adventurous type, go with the doors off, sit in front so you can get panoramic views and it will be just glass between you and the world. They do charge an extra fee for preferred seating and doors off.  If you are faint of heart, sit in back with the doors on you will still get amazing views. Bring a light jacket because it can get cool being up that high.  If you want to capture this moment on camera bring a strap so the camera or phone can be attached to you, they also sell the strap there for a very small fee.  If you want to make it a defining event or take a private tour then let them know ahead of time and they will try to accommodate you; they will provide you with an estimate.

This will be an adventure you will never forget!!

Beautiful Hike up Koko Head Crater Stairs

It was once a railway track that brought supplies to the World War II bunkers. Now beginners can traverse these stairs, however, I must warn you it does become somewhat vertical. Pick a cool day to do this, if it’s in the summer I would do this early in the morning ,regardless, bring a lot of water. Furthermore, as you are hiking up the stairs you will hear the gun range below, don’t be alarmed its on the other side of the hill,and when you finally reach the top you will forget about the noise anyway. Also, at some point you will reach a bridge where there have been bee’s nest spotted. I took the path to the right that merges back onto the stairs after you pass the bridge to avoid the bees. When you finally reach the top don’t forget to take the path to the right it will open up to an amazing view. You can sit there and soak in the accomplishment you just conquered. After enjoying the beauty for your eyes trek over a short distance to the other side of the crater and take a seat on the metal grate and look over beautiful Hawaii Kai. Once you are done taking in all the breath taking views make your way back down the stairs. Now go celebrate your climb with a frothy beverage at Kona Brewing Company that is right down the road in the Koko Marina Shopping Center.